Organized Medical Staff

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MSMS Organized Medical Staff Section

The MSMS Organized Medical Staff Section (MSMS-OMSS), which began in 1984, is dedicated to the needs of hospital and medical staff leaders who recognize the importance of an effective medical staff to the success of their hospitals. MSMS-OMSS offers unique opportunities for medical staff to pursue their interest in become leaders and spokesmen for organized medicine. MSMS-OMSS, which is a major participant in the AMA-OMSS meetings, also offers individuals the opportunity to bring their concerns to the state and national components of the federation of medicine.

For more information about MSMS-OMSS, please contact Joe Neller, Director, Integrated Physician Advocacy at 517-336-5775 or

Governing Council

  • Chair Robert J. Jackson, MD
  • Vice Chair Hassan Amirikia, MD
  • Secretary/Treasurer Brian A. Roelof, MD
  • Delegate Carl B. Anders, MD
  • Member at Large E. Christopher Bush, MD


Get Involved: Become an AMA-OMSS Representative

Become an OMSS Representative
To certify an OMSS representative from your hospital medical staff or other physician organization, complete the certification form (PDF, 24KB) and send it to MSMS at 120 W. Saginaw, East Lansing MI 48823 or fax (517) 336-5797. 

Become a Leader
The AMA OMSS offers its representatives a variety of opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skill. At each Assembly meeting, the OMSS provides medical staff leadership training and opportunities to serve as an officer, committee member, or spokesperson for the Section. Each assignment comes with certain responsibilities

Get Involved in Your State
The AMA OMSS receives valuable leadership support from state medical associations. Their Section and Caucus chairs and liaisons assist in the advocacy and communication of issues, strategic planning initiatives, and OMSS recruitment. 

Make Your Voice Heard on Key Issues Affecting Medical Staffs
Go to the AMA-OMSS online message board and give AMA-OMSS your feedback and thoughts on issues ranging from Joint Commission Standard MS.1.20 to credentialing. All AMA-OMSS representatives have been invited to join this online message board. If you did not receive your invitation, please contact

Disseminate AMA Policy Related to Incident-Based Peer Review
In accordance with AMA directive D-375.992, "Principles for Incident-based Peer Review and Disciplining at Health Care Organizations," the AMA requests your help in disseminating AMA policies (PDF, 25KB) related to principles for incident-based peer review.