Young Physicians

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About the MSMS Young Physician Section

The MSMS-Young Physician Section (MSMS-YPS) focuses on the concerns of practicing physicians under 40 years of age, or in their first eight years of practice. The purpose of the section is to:

  • Assist new physicians in developing and carrying out policy that will allow them to retain their professionalism and provide the best care for their patients
  • Increase opportunities to train for future leadership positions within organized medicine
  • Gain an understanding of the legislative process so they can impact health care related legislation
  • Provide opportunities to network among each other
  • Provide a direct means for young physicians to participate in the policymaking activities of MSMS and the AMA.

Formally, the MSMS-YPS is a division of the MSMS House of Delegates and meets once a year to write and review resolutions for submission to the annual MSMS House of Delegates or the American Medical Association Young Physician Section (AMA-YPS). Delegates to the AMA-YPS are chosen annually and represent the MSMS-YPS at the AMA-YPS Annual and Interim.

If you would like additional information about the MSMS-YPS, please contact a member of the Governing Council, or David Fox, MSMS-YPS Staff, at (517) 336-5731 or via email at

New Physicians Enjoy Full Access, Limited Dues at MSMS

MSMS knows that new physicians like you have enough to worry about. It’s hard enough starting your practice, paying off your student loans, and focusing on your patients -- let alone fighting for and staying in control of your profession. That’s why MSMS is offering full membership at reduced rates for new physicians in their first three years of practice. 

New physicians enjoy a graduated dues schedule. During a new member’s first year of practice, he or she will receive a 75 percent reduction in MSMS dues. Over the next three years, the dues will gradually increase to 50 percent in the second year, 75 percent in the third year, and full dues in the fourth year. 

Membership in MSMS includes a number of valuable resources for new physicians. The “Starting or Joining a Practice Checklist” outlines everything you need to do to open a new practice -- and when to do it. The “Employed Physician Contracting Checklist” helps address the standard obligations of employed physicians, and our HIPAA Guide describes, in straightforward language, HIPAA's Privacy Rules and Transaction Standards and Code Sets, including the creation and utilization of necessary forms, software updating, and sample forms and provisions that you may customize to fit your needs.

In addition to these tangible resources, MSMS helps protect your practice and your profession by representing Michigan physicians on a wide variety of health care issues being discussed by lawmakers in Lansing and Washington.

Your colleagues need you. Your profession needs you. Your patients need you. And with these financial incentives, membership in MSMS is the best way to do your part and have total access to the tools you need to succeed in your own practice. 

For more information on dues rates, or to join MSMS, contact David Fox at 517-336-5731 or